Dear Sir/Madam

I am currently studying final year of BSc in physical science at the University of Western Cape. I am an individual that is filled with mathematics and physics who is willing to grow in knowledge in the field of physics by applying all the skills that I have gained throughout my undergraduate studies.

Throughout my studies the lectures were limited to give us all the information, because the work was heavy, also we had to do other modules which are not purely related to the physics course but because of some information in them were needed in order to able complete BSc course It was important for us to do them.

In all my life I have so many questions about natural phenomenon that I did not have answers for them but as I was doing the physics course most of my question was answered, it is the reason that I still have a belief that going far in this field will clear my mind thorough advanced research that will be done in Horner's Degree due to its focus in modules which are purely related to physics.

In my research about this course to the student who currently doing it and to the lectures they told us it is the second step towards a physics career. It will be more advanced in research about the physical phenomenon about Nature, Which I believe that through my hard work and teamwork I can manage to do this course.

Through this course, I am willing to learn as far as I can reach as long as I will be acting in line with the goals of the institution as a whole. Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward to your response.

Yours faithfully,

Libenathi Mlindi

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