How would you feel if you heard that you were going to die in a month or a year? Some may spend their days in despair, while others may spend their time doing the activities they want to do. I think it's good to have fun experience as much as possible. This corresponds to every moment of life, as well as to when it has been declared dead. The bucket list is very suitable for this job. Many people use bucket lists, and I am one of them too. Following is my bucket list of four.
First, I want to ride a bicycle and go back to Aravat Road before I become an adult. I tried this in the morning after this semester’s final exam. However, I fell on the way and eventually failed. It was not easy to deal with emergencies because I only took my cell phone and go alone in the early morning. This experience might have made me reluctant to ride a bike, but after failing, I thought I wanted to succeed it next time. In order not to repeat this incident, I will go with someone next time, having the minimum amount of necessities and safety gear on.
Second, I want to go on a family trip abroad. My brother and I have been on a trip to Japan, but my mother has never been abroad except for her honeymoon. We have a few family trip to Korea because she is busy with her work. So, if I make money, I want to save money for a family trip separately and go abroad to make good memories with my family, including my mom who worked hard for us.
Third, I want to learn piano and play some songs that I memorized on the piano. I've learned piano before, but I haven't had a chance to learn piano since I quit piano academy when I was 12. I like piano, but I envy my friends who play well because I’m not good at playing the piano and memorize accompaniments. I would rather enjoy playing than envy others in the future. Also, if I become an elementary school teacher, I will teach music to students. At that time, I want to be good at playing the piano so that I can care about the children while playing the accompaniment.
Last, I want to eat something ‘deliciously’ outside. I tend to care a lot about other people's eyes, so I get a lot of behavioral restrictions on myself where people are. Even though I think a friend who eats deliciously is good to see, I can't eat like my friend. This personality is sometimes stressed because it limits other activities. To prevent this, I want to change this personality and even succeed in eating 'deliciously' where people are.
These four things are the activities that I want to achieve the most among my bucket list. Achieving a bucket list will take a lot of effort, but I think it's not impossible if I try to achieve it without giving up. To live a life without regret, I will spend my time on accomplishing my bucket list, including these four things.

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