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You are repeating much too much.

The news that I am going to present is about North Korea preparation for a rocket launch. I found this news on CNN`s website on Tuesday the 10 April, which was yesterday. The headline of the news is “North Korea says rocket is nearly ready”. The news is about the North Korean preparation for a rocket launch. Last month Ryu Kum a military leader in Pyongyang in North Korea, announced that it would be launched a rocket carrying a satellite between 12 and 16 of April. The propose of the rocket launch is to mark the 100th anniversary of North Korea`s former leader Kim Li-sung's birth. The regime in North Korea also claims that the rocket is going to be used to launch a satellite into space. On Tuesday, which was yesterday, a talisman from the regime in North Korea said that they aspect to be finish with the last preparations for the rocket launch during Wednesday or Thursday. According to North Korea the rocket will be used to estimate agricultural corps and collect weather data, and it will also be used in several other civilian purposes. Since North Korea claims the rocket is peaceful, the international community cannot refuse North Korea to launch the rocket. However, Japan, South Korea and the United States see the rocket launch it as a cover for a long-rage ballistic missile test. Therefore, both japan and South Korea have warned North Korea that they will shoot down the rocket if it comes within their territories. As a result of the treat from Japan and South Korea, North Korea did not stop the preparations on the rocket launch. They on the other hand warned that it the rocket gets shoot down they will respond with merciless and immediate revenge. So, the state of the case is now that North Korea are still preparing the rocket launch, and the international community is waiting to see if they are going to launch the satellite or not. My personal opinion on the matter is that I do not think that the North Korean authorities should continue the preparation for the rocket launch this because the international community does not think the rocket is for civilian purposes. Because of the speculation on what the purposes of the satellite are, it has caused a lot of anxiety for the people in nearby countries to North Korea.