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Information Registering in the Exhibition Booklet

Registered Information in the Exhibition booklet should be having:

-Full Company name

-Postal Address, Phone Number & Fax, Email, Website

-The information should be briefly about activity and products.

This information should be sent to organizer before 12 days of the Exhibition inauguration.

Participant should:

- Send the Exhibition participation request for organizer. (Under Form 1 Article)

-Take observance of security regulations, hygienic and fire.

-Booths , Stands and the other equipments must giveback to the organizer, entire and if equipment be harmed, participant has to amend scathe.

Participant shouldn’t:

-Let goods through out the booth.

-Goods and services have variance with the Exhibition subject.

-Give rights to the third side.


Relevant Person: ********

Terms and regulations in the Exhibition is determinism and upon completing Form 1 via participant, contract is completion and sides have to execute the contract contexts.


Registration Information in the Exhibition Booklet

Registration information in the exhibition booklet should include:

- Full company name

- Postal address, phone and fax number, email address, and website URL

- The information about activities and products should be brief.

This information should be sent to the organizer 12 days before the opening of the exhibition.

Participant should:

- Send an exhibition participation request to the organizer. (Under Form 1 Article)

- Observe all security, sanitary and fire regulations.

- Booths, stands and the other equipment must be returned to the organizer entire and undamaged. Damaged equipment must be repaired at the expense of the participant.

Participant should not:

- Release goods from the booth.

- Exhibit goods or services unrelated to the exhibition theme

- Extend third party rights.

The terms and regulations of the exhibition are set, and upon the participant's completion of Form 1, the contract is binding for both parties.

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