First, It is my friend's post.
"It is a common sense that if you close the door of the elevator by close button, instead of waiting to be closed automatically, more energy will be spended. I remember when I was living in apartment, there was a motto "If you press the button you will loose precious energy costs 50 won every time." written right next to the close button. Energy-saving campagnes encourages citizens to "wait just a little bit moment" to save the energy, and the person who close the elevator door by pressing the button was treated as hasty person, or someone who wastes unnecessary energy.
However, closing the elevator with the close button does not waste the energy, there is no specific difference in energy consumption whether you wait or press the button. Citizens were surprised that there is no difference, and feel they were cheated."

And, I am going to reply her post. plz correct my postEmotion: smile

"I think your message is interesting. I also heard a myth about the close button of the elevator. In my case, it is not 50 won like Sarah, but 80 won. I also heard it is right if you view from a different standpoint. I heard the action that just press the close button is not waste energy itself. But If you press the close button to close the door of the elevator, then the elevator will work more in result than you wait to be closed automatically. More working elevator is more energy consuming. As a result more energy needs when you press the close button. And I also heard that if you press the open button when the door of the elevator is closing, then more energy will be spend. I hope you don't feel you're cheated."

p.s 'won' is a monetary unit in my country.Emotion: smile
Hi nagong

I can't see serious mistakes in your post, which is very clear to me. However, I have noticed :

- "As a result more energy needs" : I would say "is needed"
- "More energy will be spend" : "will be spent".

But, I must tell you that I am not a native speaker of English (although I teach)
Hello Vance.
Thank you for your comment. It was very helpful.Emotion: smile
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Hello Vance
Thank you so much for your comment. It was very helpful.Emotion: smile