our teacher asked us to write a paragraph about the reasons why i wanted to learn english.i will be glad if somebody helps me to correct it and to omit my mitakes(including punctuation).

here is my paragraph:

Because of many reasons caused the actual world's conditions i took the decision to learn english.In a world ,that can be considered as a global village,english is the world lingua franca.as it is pratical and not complex ,it is spoken everywhere.In many countries,english had been choosen to be the primary language , in a way to solve the problem caused by the variety of local dialects.In india for exemple ,english is the official language alongside hindi.Another reason is that the importance of english in my country is increasing .This language is occuping more and more space in our school system.In some jobs ,speaking english has become an obligation.Also ,as english is the worldwide language ,many hitorical and idiological books are translated to it ,therefore learning it will allow me to find out new cultures and to enrich my knowledges. Finally,,learning english today has been inescapable ,neverthless we have to hold on our mother tongue.
Firstly, make sure you use capital "I" not lowercase "i". Secondly, make sure you have a space after a punctuation mark. After a full stop, start the next sentence with a capital letter.

english should be capitalized as English

spelling errors: mitakes>mistakes pratical > practical exemple > example hitorical > historical idiological > ideological

Some of these may simply be typing errors, but in that case you must take care to read through your work with care.

Otherwise, I think you have expressed yourself quite well.
i would like to infor you that this shipment is going to direct to california please ask your agent to pick that shipment direct from the manufacturer.
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I would like to infer you, that
i would like to inform you that this shipment is going to direct to california please ask your agent to pick it up that shipment direct from the manufacturer.

You need to add capital letters and punctuation.