Your invoice submitted to us recently is still included the two claims below despites several email sent by Clarke rejecting both claims.

As instructed by Clarke’s email below, we will not proceed to invoice these two items and hereby request you to revise your invoice to remove the above mentioned claims accordingly.
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but the below invoice have also problem check this msg it's correct or not confirm
The attached invoice also has a problem.
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i saw a man in glasses -error spotting-what is the error in the given sentence?
You need to start with a capital letter.

You need punctuation.

We don't usually say 'in glasses'. Common is 'wearing glasses / with glasses'.

Please send revised invoice as below
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Dear Madam,

please find attached the information you need to proceed on your request for our services.

Corrected invoice will be sent on Friday.
Please amend as the below following
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Incorrect. Say eg Please amend as the below following.

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