hi,i really need ur help to correct my sentence or grammar cos i have to send this letter to my lecturer whom really strict with me.please help me.make it a perfect letter.im not really good in english anyway.

Re: Exclusion from Lab Session

Refer to the above, I am writing this letter concerning my recent exclusion from lab session due to shoes issue. I would like to express my sincerest apologies for my silly mistakes in the lab that I did not wear shoes on Thursday 26th June. I aware the laboratory rules but I really forgot to wear shoes and were in hurry to go to the class. After when you were kicking me out from lab, I tried to find shoes from friends but they were having their class and could not help me then I decided to go home, I wish I could go back to do the lab experiment but unfortunately my place is quite far from college. I hope you understand. I also see how it could affect my lab results just because of the shoe. I am very worried and wish u could do something about my lab results (more than 5 marks). I would like to once again apologize for my actions. I hope that you will find it in yourself to forgive me and understand that I have learnt from my mistake and will never do such a stupid thing again.
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Hi. I really need your help to correct my sentences or grammar, because I have to send this letter to my lecturer, who is really strict with me. Please help me. Make it a perfect letter. I'm not really good in English anyway.
can u please correct my letter below?cos i need to send this letter tomorrow.
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can u please corerct my letter below?i really need ur help if any wrong with the sentence cos i need to send the letter by tommorow.thank you.
Let me spell it out for you. I think the message is that it's disrespectful to ask for grammatical correction when you show no respect for grammar in your post. The message is not only directed to you but to all posters.
.im not really good in english anyway.
You are not very good in written English because you do not try very hard. Your letter is better English than your post, and I think that if you send it as it is, your lecturer-- who knows just how good your English is-- will understand it well enough.
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thanks for the reply,i really appreciate it.
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