Please reply me as soon as you get this message to get aware me that you have received my message.

Please correct my sentence.
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Hi Chi.

I hope you are doing well.

I have left you many messages but still no reply from you. I hope everything ok on your side.

Please reply, so I know you are ok.

Thank you

Good afternoon sir this sis Yonas! Did u received my SPO License?? They told me they mail it yesterday!! If u already have it when u gonna be able to give me?? Thank u
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Kindly acknowledge receipt of the same and oblige

Kindly acknowledge receipt of the same and oblige.

This is extremely old-fashioned and stuffy English. Avoid it, unless it is used very, very commonly in your country.


Why you didn't reply to my message this is correct or wrong
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Say eg Why didn't youreply to my message?

Please find attached checklist for your reference