Hi i just got HSMP visa and need to sponsor my wife to uk in dependent visa. Please can you correct this spouse sponsorship letter addressing to visa officer in india. (We got married 6 months ago) please i need it in a very professional way please.... and would you like to add more please


The Visa Officer

British embassy

Iam ***** would ask that you accept this letter as my letter of sponsorship to my wife Mrs *********. We would like to start our life together as we are far away for long period after our marriage. I have attached a recent bank statement to demonstrate that I have the funds to support my wife and she will be residing with me in the above address.

My home address is:

For your information, I have included and attached the following information about myself:
Indian Passport :

Presently employed at ****

Employee of ****since ****
Work : Process Development Engineer

In the event that you require further information about me and/or my wife, feel free to contact me at or

Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider my sponsorship letter


Hope this can help you
Hi Satty, and welcome to the forums.

I would like to help you, but I don't know exactly what the immigration people want/need to process this request. Have they provided you with this format to follow? If not, can you ask them exactly what is required? You may be best served by asking a lawyer who specializes in immigration to help you.
Thanks so much for your advice
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can you help me format a sponsors letter for my spouse to be able to come and Live with me in Australia