I'm wiritng a short Spanish Story. And there is in this story a fragment I want the main character to speak in English. He is a distinguished professor at a university. An one of his theories, the Group-Interaction Contribution Method (how chemical groups interact among them) has appeared in the most famous monograph: The Fleming's Monograph. He is visiting Thailand and wants to experience the "thailand massages" (in a prostitution house), but he doesn't have any money. Now please, consider this conversation of the story and correct it, and comment and suggest anything you wish:

- Excuse me, Miss. I’d like to…, to hire you; I mean…, to have your services. But…, how to say it?…, I don’t have enough money and… No, no, no, please, you don’t interrupt me – I haven’t finished yet. Listen, please! I a-ppe-ar in… Fleming’ssss! And there, it is explained my new Group-Interaction Contribution Method. I–am-a-fa-mous-man! You could have the opportunity to tell everybody that you have served a very famous man!

- Have you finished your speech? Now listen to me, mister! I don’t know this Fleming’s porno magazine and I don’t care about it. And do you know what? - I have my own method, which could be called the Body-Interaction Contribution Method. If you have the necessary money, there’s nothing to say and we can enter upon. But if you don’t have it…

Thank you in advance, and sorry for this maybe unusual question. The story is, of course, a humorous story.
"Bonita, oiga.. te quiero... pero no tengo dinero mucho. Sabe que soy Flemming?"
"Flamingo? Que es? No lo se. No dinero, no amor"

Please, paco, be serious! I really want you and friends from EnglisForums to correct my English in this short story, and suggest and comment! And thank you for your joke in "Spanish". Eladio