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The pie charts compare the proportion of three types of goods transportation in a European nation in three years 1800, 1850 and 1900.

Overall, there was a downward trend in using roads and canals to transport products. On the contrary, railway transit witnesed a surge in popularity and usage.

In 1800, 68% of the country’s goods was transported by canals, followed by 30% of that by roads. Contrastingly, a relatively smaller proportion (2%) was the amount of products shipped by railways, becoming the smallest figure in the time surveyed.

However, in two fifty-year intervals, there was a dramatic a change in terms of railway and canal shipments. Despite being the most used transit system in 1800, the percentage of canal transportation halved by each period, as from 68% to 30% between 1800 and 1850, 30% to 15% in the second period. In contrast, merchandise shipped by railways saw an upsurge, which constituted 50% in 1850 and dominantly presented 70% in 1900. Meanwhile, people in that European country continued to use roads, but gradually less, to transit goods. That figure accounted for a totally 15% in 1900.

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