The chart below shows the number of Internet users in three different countries and the world average between 1998 and 2013.

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The bar chart gives data on the number of netizens in Greece, Denmark, Canada and the world average, measured in thousands, from 1998 to 2013.

Overall, it is clear that there was an upward trend in using the Internet over the period of time. Additionally, a closer look to the chart reveals that the Danish and Canadian Internet users far outnumbered that of the world average.

In 1998, nearly 26,000 Canada’s citizens accessed to the Internet. Meanwhile that figure for Danish was relatively smaller at roughly 22,000. Surged as both numbers in 2003, yet Denmark overtook the dominant figure of Canada to have the largest number of Internet users until the rest of the period, reaching 95,000 of people as compared to 88,000 in Canada.

By contrast, in 1998, the word average number of Internet users was relatively smaller with 4,000, compared to solely 3,000 of Greek netizens. However, the figure for Greek progressed gradually to reach 63,000 in 2013, which left that number of the word average behind with only 35,000.


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