Dear teachers,
Could you possibly check and correct the tenses used below for me?:

Then back at work, I see the teacher again but my feelings for him were growing so I decided to strike less conversation. We didn’t talk for about 2-3 weeks, until the last week of the semester. I came into the break room while he’s there using his computer, and as I was just leaving, he turned to me and ask me how to...print his Power Point lecture. I knew that was just an excuse, because he’s been teaching for almost 10 years already and obviously teachers have to know how to do this stuff. We chatted for a while...and that was the last time I ever saw him.

Thank you in advance

Is this all describing events in the past, from a vantage point in the present? If so, all the verbs should be consistent in one of the past tenses.
The past of "see" is "saw"
The contraction "he's" is always "he is / has" and never "he was"