Could you please help me with this? Are these grammatical?

- She doesn't stay mad very long.
- My expenses come down to food and utility bills.
- I always buy this sandwich because I like it and the fact that it is cheaper is convenient/a plus.
- If there are 3 identical cards on the table, It's less likely that he has the fourth card./it makes it less likely that he has...
- I would have loved for if you had won./for you to win.
- People around here are easy to please, but her, she's particulary hard to. You need to work at/on it to please her.
- She's hard to make cry. She won't cry easily.

Thank you
1. ok

2. ok

3. a plus

4. either

5. second choice

6. work at it

7. either
Could someone please take a look at this?
THank you
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Could you please help me with this?

Thank you
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