i like always warm milk

my pen is superior to you

she said that i am coming

i love with my mother

he did not went to school

Neither Aslam nor Ahmad were there


I would suggest that you attempt them yourself. Don't forget to capitalise "I" and to use punctuation.

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i always like warm milk

my pen is superior to yours

she said that she was coming

i love my mother

he did not go to school

neither Aslam nor Ahmed was there

Anonymous has kindly corrected the grammar portion; but has omitted the punctuation and capitalization of "I".

The fourth item could also be "I live with my mother."

Neither Aslan nor Ahmed were there.

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I always like warm milk.

My pen is superior to yours.

She said that she was coming.

I love my mother.

He did not go to school.

Neither Aslam nor Ahmad was there.