This has reference to the first statement dated [date] on my platinum credit card which was issued last month. On reviewing this statement, I have noticed that you charged finance charges in the amount of $ xx.xx, and you mentioned it as remaining dues interest in the statement.

I did not understand why you charged finance charges before settle the payment on due date . Also, note that the statement due date is on [date]. How can I settle the payment before receiving the statement ? It is very strange to me, I never had an experience with any other credit cards.

Normally, If we do not make a payment in full on the due date, there will be a finance charges, this will be applied on all credit cards.

I never heard such a interest charges which applies before settle the payment on due date

It is requested that you may kindly look into this matter and please provide detailed clarification on this subject, it would be highly appreciated.
Perhaps someone else can understand your situation, but personally, I'd need more information before attempting to correct this.

As you point out, this is not the normal way to do business.

Are you being charged interest on point of sale purchases made during your first month of possessing the card?

Was this interest on cash advances?

Was it interest on balance transfers?

You say they describe it as "remaining dues interest." I have no idea what that might be.

I got suckered on a zero interest balance transfer on a new card. They said it was considered a cash advance, and there was a fee. (not interest)

Was this possibly an upgrade to Platinum on an existing card?

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Thank for your valuable time to review my post.

I took a new credit card from one of our regional bank first week of April because they offer lifetime free. No annual or renewal fees. This was my first statement of account on the purchases which I made last month. I have made only two transactions like pucrhases and they charged finance charges on these purchases, and mentioned it as remaining dues interest. Stiil I also did not understand what is it for?. I need a clarification on this issue from the concern department.
If you don't mind, I'll just write it the way I would, if I were you, and then you can make appropriate changes, and get back to me.

I recently received the first monthly statement on my new Platinum credit card account. It lists my purchases for the month and calculates the monthly interest on those purchases, adding that amount to the total amount owed. It also lists the due date and minimum amount for my first payment.

It was my understanding that this account would work in the same manner as my other credit card accounts with respect to interest on current purchases. That is, I would have the opportunity to pay my account in full on the due date, thus avoiding any interest charge on the current purchases.

Yet my total due already includes these interest charges.

I would greatly appreciate your looking into this matter, and advising me in detail how interest is calculated on my account, and specifically on current purchases.

Thank you.
Thank you
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Kindly note that the matter is being looking into.