please I need a correction because I think there is something wrong in this sentence.

My customer wrote:"i don t have idea of budget for the stand construction .Please offer us good price."

I answered:

"This is quite generic, it does not say me anthing. Please try to give me an idea, maybe choose from some possible budget levels:

from 2000 EUR to 3000

from 3000 EUR to 4000

or over 4000?"

I need some correction for the following sentences:

"it does not say me anything" I wanted to say that his comment was not of help

"budget levels" ? can it work?

"to give an idea" ? is it possible?

Thanks for your help!


Well first, you should not talk to a customer in that manner; it is rude.

Customer: "i don t have idea of budget for the stand construction .Please offer us good price."

Pamela, the Ideal Salesperson: We can offer you a good, basic stand for € 2500-2900, depending on the dimensions you require. These are solidly constructed of A grade pine with all-weather aluminum hinges. If you are looking for something more fashionable, we can supply an oak stand with mitred joints and brass hinges for € 3000-3500. And if you are in the market for something really luxurious, our ST100 stand, at €4500, is solid Malaysian mahogany with brushed sterling silver hinges.
Thanks for the remark! Maybe you are right when you say that my answer was a bit rude but sometime I lose my patience with some customers and I do not think of "good manners"Emotion: big smile

At least could you tell me if the sentences I was asking for are gramatically correct?



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it does not say me anything"-- No

"budget levels" ? can it work?-- No: 'budget range'.

"to give us an idea" ? is it possible?-- Yes
ok. fine. Thanks for your help

Please, one more thing, try to give me some alternatives except of "it was not of help" to replace the following sentence:

"this does not say me anything"

I'm not going to. You cannot say anything of that sort to a customer.
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Ok. to a friend?