Ielts writing task 2

Topic: Some people think that physical strength is important for success in sport, while other people think that mental strength is more important. Discuss both views and give your own opinion

In other to achieve success in sport, some people argue that it is more important to be important to be
strong mentally than physically. While no sportsperson can reach the top without the mental qualities of
determination and dedication, I believe that the basis for success must be physical strength
On the one hand, all sport trainers should have the necessity of a strong mental attitude. Firstly, to
achieve medals, athletes must have resilient will and great ambition to foster a competition spirit, they
will have a lot of motivation to work hard and succeed. Hours spent training in the gym, for instance,
may be repetitive and boring, but with aspiring athletes motivate to stay focus training. Secondly,
disappointments and failures are always can happened in sometimes, so it is important for athletes to
have a strong mental strength to overcome and continue their trail to win more prizes.
On the other hand, physical strength must be the basis of all success in sport. While most people take up
sport simply to get into shape or to keep fit, those who wish to become successful must be physically
strong. Athletes always have nutritious meals and strict workouts as prescribes to maintain their top
physical condition. For example, to attend weightlifting, boxing or any sport competitions, without a
physical strength, you will not be able to train in a hash exercises and have a high rate to win.
In conclusion, both physical and mental strength are both necessary to become a successful athlete,
however it is impossible to succeed without being physically strong.

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