Please help correcting my sentences (in a letter below) to be better ones: Thank you so much:

I am writing this reference at the request of Ms. X who is applying for volunteer with (organization).

I have known Ms.X in a variety of capacities for 40 years. She had been my colleague in Department Y since 1977, before she worked for the Department Z. In addition, she has been my friend since we were secondary school and university students.

X is organized, efficient, responsibility and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. She had been a caregiver for her grandmother and her parents for many years. She is a workaholic for supporting her family because she is the eldest sister. Her character is also kind, healthy, cheerful, positive thinking and service mind.

In summary, I highly recommend X for your organization. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.
I am writing this reference at the request of Ms. X who is applying to volunteer with (organization).

I have known Ms.X in a number of capacities for 40 years. She was my colleague in Department Y from 1977 until 19??, before she worked for Department Z. In addition, she has been my friend since we were secondary school and university students together.

X is organized, efficient, responsible and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. She had been a caregiver for her grandmother and her parents for many years. She has always worked very hard to support her family because she is the eldest daughter. In summary, I highly recommend X to your organization. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

(workaholic is a rather negative word).
Thank You So Much !!!! Nona !!!

Also, whishing you a very happy for the coming New Year Emotion: smile
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Hello, I'm writing a report for my internship but my supervisor claim it as hardly to understand, is it? can anybody check for me??

This report will be explained in two sections since for my first month I had been placed at the XXX and then transferred to YYY due to reorganization of previous department. I do not have a role here instead I have to understand the management and technical operations for both departments.


Main activities

What had been attain for a few weeks here is attending management as well as technical meetings to get overviews of what are the actual company’s mission and vision. XXX is authorized to be responsible of Operation and Maintenance for all regions in ZZZ which is ..............

What I had comprehended from those meetings is being summarized by weeks as shown below:-

Week 1:

1) Meeting with consultant regarding the outsourcing of restoration for local access services together with docket LL (broadband).Basically it is just altering some figures and statements in the paperwork regarding to the performance of the consultants presentation to the top management of ZZZ.

2) Meeting with ZZZ corporate sales and with other task force which is about setting an IP connection and secured network system for five banks which are .....................

3) Meeting concerning on the budget release for implementation of CYY International ISP network infrastructure enhancement projects which includes the procurement of router interface cards for connecting ISP, ZZ Retail International links (IPLC).This network is to ensure adequate network infrastructure to cater for additional international bandwidth capacity for ZZ so that high quality service will be given for customer satisfaction.

Week 2:

1) Meeting regarding the leasing staff report in which problems arises when what is manually reported is not the same as being reported in the system. For broadband report on the other hand, basically it discusses about the problem areas in which the signal cannot be reach. A good transmission of Broadband network require Signal To Noise Ratio (SNR) less than 12dB including the area must covers radius of less than 4km.Accordingly, if it is less than that, area which the signal covers maybe encounter disconnection of network for three or four times a week which transpire poor network condition. Another problem of disconnection is due to poor quality of the copper wire being used. The solution is, ZZ will caters at the areas which the signals theoretically can be reach instead of areas outside the 4km radius due to the tight budget.

2) Meeting is about the survival of outsourcing contractor in which the issue arises because of the small budget allocation. The solution is to merge some of the contractors and also varies the material being supplied.

3) Meeting with all regional’s general manager about a few problems in their operation which are:-

i. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) did not achieve the required performance due to human error and also remote station location. It is because ADSL can only be used over short distances which less than 5km.Once the signal reaches the telephone, the ADSL stripped off immediately routed onto a conventional internet network while any voice frequency signal is switched into the conventional phone network

ii. This issue is about ZZ project which stands for Network Inventory System which functioned to manage ZZ's network infrastructure at physical and logical levels. Thus, it will have a single database and real time view of all network resources which includes equipments, facilities and circuits. It also can help to manage; plan and provision physical and logical infra for multivendor, technology, layer network elements and cross domain models.

iii. Cable theft which informing the solutions which is alarms system called YY and RR.

iv. Adaptor of XX installation KK1 which have no protection since the earthing is not properly designed. Consequently, some accident occurs due to lightning which brings an excessive voltage and damaged the phone as well as human if it is in used. The new version of adaptor which call as KK2 have the protection but the problem is the design is not practical and it caused increase of budget if redesign is performed.

v. About LL IP VPN project deliverable. An IP Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) can be defined as the collection of switching and transmission resources that will be used by a dedicated set of authorized users to exchange information over a shared IP infrastructure, hereafter called "the network". It is a secured network of end-to-end services with any device connectivity which cover global roaming, independent access, easy configuration with tunnel option, network implemented user features and online user management.

Week 3:

4) Meeting is about the upgrading of CDMA BTS from 95B to 1x in which it requires new CPE of 800MHz.Some of the migration issues is that, the new BTS which has already being installed caused problem of received signal for the CDMA customer. This is due to overlapping or interference from nearest BTS with the new installed one.

5) Meeting with all contractors about a few problems in completing their task while also reach the performance target by TM.

Week 4:

6) Meeting is about the Occupational Safety and Health Implementation which has the objective to preserve staff working on site.

7) Meeting is about rehabilitation of maintenance in which it has been made due to aging and degrading of the quality of copper wire. This program is made to reduce the trouble report but the issues here is it is not decreasing as expected due to existence of other factors.


Main activities

So far, what had been done for a few weeks here is attending technical meetings to get overviews of what are the actual operation of the department and also analyze and understand the CDMA and BFWA alarm monitoring system. YY responsible for providing centralized technical support and coordination for the operational of Wireless System nationwide of CDMA: Fixed Wireless using 800MHz and also BFWA: Broadband Fixed Wireless Access. Besides, YY is responsible in satisfying customer requirements of service availability, integrity, reliability and quality. The structure of YY consists of three departments which is Technology Management, Performance & Fault Management Switch/ CBSC and Performance & Fault Management BSS.

Meetings which I have attended are:-

Week 5:

8) Meeting is about one of ZZ’s vendor (MN) of the optimization of CDMA network. The need of the optimization arises due to the purpose of initial RF network optimization to ensure each cluster is integrated into overall network and prepare the CDMA system for commercial service. Some of the factors that contribute to optimization are due to increasing number of subscriber, change of type of service and implementation way and also geographical changes. By optimization, the capacity and coverage will balanced, ensures better QoS of voice quality, fewer dropped call, better data rates and less blocking. What being optimized here are the CDMA pilot power, neighbor cost, search window, cell radius, some physical orientation and tilting and pilot pollution. Pilot pollution means too many interference in more than four BTS in one area covered in which resulting handoffs and overlapping of signal. Hence, MN had introduced software called TEL which provides advance optimization capabilities by plotting Call Data Locks (CDL) data by location of its attributes.

9) Meeting is also about optimization but for this vendor (TST), they provides consultancy for network audit. This consultancy is vital since poor network resulting a shrinking of revenue. For that reason, ZZ needs this consultancy for the benefit of increasing the network traffic capacity, QoS and also better service coverage so that customer satisfactions will be fulfilled.