Dear xyz.:

I am applying for a job in a theme park/hoiday village in Great Britain.
I would like to do this job because it is a great possibility to bind my passion for foreign countries with a usefull work in order to gain a professional experience for my future career.

One of the reasons why I decided to work abroad is that I always try to spend my free time doing something new and meeting new people beacause it is a way to gain experience and to enlarge my horizons. So shortly after my school leaving axams I want to leave Slovakia to try to live on my own for several months which I hope will be a priceless experience to me.
I`ve chosen Great Britain because it is one of my beloved countries, although I have never been there. At primary school I attanded a special class with extended education of english and german language and it helped me a lot firstly just to understand the music than at secondary school to appreciate english authors like Dickens, Shaw… . I like english culture as well as the everyday life that I know unfortunately just from class and from my friends, relatives and peers experiances. Those who have been to England persuated me to not to wait any more to get there.
I find my language skills at a sufficient level to communcate with collegues and clients. I speak english, french and czech fluently and I am able to communicate in german as well.
I can`t say that I have nothing but good experience with foreigners but in all the situations I was able to deal with any preoblem or missunderstanding and in fact, positive experiencer certainly surpass the negatives.
I attend a blilingual grammar school with extanded education of french language. One of particularities of this school is that it`s students have a possibility to participate on an exchange visit with their penfriends. For three times I profited from this oportunity and I saw a quiet big part of the country and learned about it much more than just a simpe tourists. With my friends we got as close to the everyday life as possible and found ourselves new friends. Since than, I am persuated that to get close to the people and spend with them some time as their friend, collegue or employee is the best way to truely know the country an that is what I am aways trying to do. In my future studies, I would like to get more experience in foreign countries. The university that I am applying for allows students to continue their program abroad without a necessity to stop out.
I know that the work You offer is not ony discovering a country but mostly a hard work, which is absolutely no problem for me. I got accustomed to it when I was working in an english restaurant, Chickencottage, which was opened in Bratislava a half year ago. I found that I am abe to respect strict rools, my colegues, directors but mostly the work I am paid for. I am flexible and able to do an effort to do my duties the best I can.

I look forward for an answer from you

Your sincerely

Daniel …….. .

I am suscribed in an agency which should find me a work in GB. The problem is that I don`t know who my employer is going to be and what kind of work am I going to do precisely, so the usual motivation letter doesn`t suit to me.
I would like also a little advice: do you think that they wil realy be interrested in reading it that much?
Tkanjs a lot to whoever help me.

Please see the top two posts and look at some of the sample letters. You need to make your letter more streamlined. You need to delete the excess words.

Most importantly, however, is that you need to say why or how they benefit from having you working for them. The sad reality is that most companies don't care about your dreams or what you like. What they care about is how they can gain by having you employed. So what special skills do you bring. Try to focus your letter on how you can HELP THEM.

Thanks, I alredy sent the letter to the agency. Although I did make some changes, I am afraid that the basic problem is still there, I couldn`t read Your reply before the deadline. But I had to attache an "employee reference" which my friend wrote to help me and I think it will help.

The reality is even more sad, they would profit from me wether I speak english fluently or just the basic words. But I want to go work abroad.
Anyway, thans for tour reply.