Hello Admins,

How is it going?

May I ask a question, please. If I recall well, before, I could see all my threads"Questions" that I asked in my profile in a separate link as I could see all my posts in another link.

But now, I couldn't find them. I could only see my posts or "Answers" to the other posters. All my posts including my threads or questions are mixed now. That's not practical at all. Especially, when I want to find a certain thread or a question that I've asked before.

It's important for me to get to them easily. When I forget a certain rule or I want to get back to a certain thread, or to make sure of a specific answer whatever, it's necessary and useful also to find them sorted.

Thank you

I have not noticed any change.

However, there is a way to list all your posts without answers or replies, if you know a key word that you are looking for.

Go to the "Search" box, enter your key word, and then tick the box "only my posts" and "do not include answers or replies.

In fact, I don't know if you are aware of this but using Advanced Search doesn't work correctly. It doesn't 't give all the threads I wrote. Even when I choose specify the search options like (the oldest, the most resent, the default). All the results look similar.

Moreover, when I click on "Posts" in my profile to search manually, I don't get all the threads I wrote like I thought. Just some of them. Those "some" are being displayed as "history". The most recent topic, for instance, are repeated multiple times based on the date I submitted a comment. It wouldn't be a problem if it showed me all of them. I don't think that those results are all my posts either.

What I care about more is the questions or threads that I wrote. It would be helpful and useful for me to get to them.

Thank you for your response

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Moonriseusing Advanced Search doesn't work correctly

That's why I use Google Advanced search.... the site search is less than adequate..