This is my link. It is my final test, the teacher will check plagiarism. My deadline is tonigh so please delete it for me Emotion: sad(

I can move the thread to a "reserved" area not accessible to Google, and then move it back later.

Unfortunately, Google caches large volumes of data, and the cached copy may still be there. We have no control over Google's cached data.

I tried to rewrite my writing but the proportion of plagarism still have 60%. I'm very concern for my final test because it can be influent to my teammate. I don't know how can I do now

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Indeed, your post is cached by Google. After some time, the cache is flushed, but we have no control about how Google builds its search index.

Let this be a lesson to you. Do not post protected writing on the Internet. If you want advice, then disguise your writing by replacing detectable key search text strings such as "(Lincoln and Jackson, 1980a)" with "(Kinley and Yates, 1945b)" and post only small bits (one paragraph) at a time. Replace proper names of books, articles, etc. and dates with substitute text. That leaves the grammar intact, but it will be very difficult to discover. eg. instead of "Theory of Difference Engines in 1845" substitute "Basis of Mechanical Devices, 1854". Instead of "London, April 3, 1876" put "Paris, May 8, 1965" After you get feedback on the grammar (not the content!), put the original text back in your private space.

Also, do not post such things shortly before the plagiarism check will be done. Even if the post is deleted in the hosting site, Google still can find it in its caching servers.

In this case, explain to your teacher what happened and apologize to anyone who is affected. It is no sin to ask for help in grammar and language expression. The tedious and hard work was your creation to begin with.

Lucky for you, your text is written in such poor English that nobody would want to copy it and submit it as their own composition. Your inept performance here is a blessing in disguise.