Dear admin (or whom it may concern),

Please help me to delete my thread at

I sought for comments on my PhD cover letter on the above-mentioned thread, but nobody commented on it. And now the letter is not needed anymore (because I have already been accepted by another institition), so I would not want to waste everyone's time working on something which is not needed. I also don't want my texts to appear in the internet.

Thanks a million.
Hi yttan,

I'm sorry but we don't generally delete posts that have been replied to because it would be unfair to the members who have taken time and effort to help you.

If you want certain words to be edited out, it can be done.
The post has been replied but has not been answered.

But if, for any reason, you cannot help me to delete it, then I hope you can help me to remove the entire content of the letter(from "Dear Sir/Madam" to "Yours sincerely") and replaced it with

"I have requested the admin to delete the content of my letter. This is because I have been accepted by another institution and this letter is therefore not needed anymore. I do not wish to waste everyone's time working on the letter. I also do not wish the content of the letter to appear on the internet. Sorry for any inconvenience caused."

Thank you.
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I've locked the thread so no one can reply anymore since you don't need any help, but I cannot change the entire text, sorry. It is common knowledge that what you post on a public forum remains on the internet, so please next time make sure that you're OK with your post being available to everyone.

Please read also our FAQs :

Can you remove some old posts of mine, I don't want them there anymore?

Generally we do not delete any posts inside a thread where answers have already been made. This would cause confusion and disturb the flow of the thread. It would also be unfair to the members who have taken time and effort to help you. Requests for post deletion can always be made and we will gladly check the individual requests. Please make sure you are aware that we generally do not delete anything once it's posted so make sure you still want the post there in the future.