Describe a small business that you would like to own/open? (cues: you should say: 1. what this business would be? 2. How would you start/open this business? 3. How would you run the business and why you would like to run this kind of business?)

I was inspired about the business by my family. It's been a long time, I've always wanted to run my own business. I have a thing for peace and quiet. i am huge on investigate how to make drinks. Accordingly, opening the green coffee is my dream. First of all, I'll find a number of fellow minded people to meet up and share their skills and knowledge together. We collect plastic bottles, pieces of paper, cardboard, and metals to plant trees and decorate. I capitalize on recyclables to spread the effect of environmental protection to everyone. My coffee shop will be made a difference. I take interest in trees so every corner, every place is filled with trees. I make an effort to make the items in the shop will be made of materials like paper and bamboo which environment-friendly, unlike other shops. In a tiny more detail, I take delight in coffee shop has 2 styles: modern and classical. Taking selfies is a trend of young people today, consequently the shop has a plethora of shooting angles that will probably become a stop for a number of young people. Outside of space, drinks are the heart of the coffee shop. If the coffee shop has delicious drinks, it will impress everyone and win the trust of a plethora of people, making them become regular customers. In comparison to the past, people gradually pay attention to their health so specifying the calorie index for each drink will help everyone in managing their health. The staff is probably a factor that cannot be ignored. I will be strict in the selection in light of the fact that I want the staff to be polite, know how to behave to create sympathy with customers. Especially, for employees to work hard, every month they get generous benefits, a competitive salary and get raise for a good employee. Environment is increasingly polluted and there are numerous people indifferent to it. I wanted to create the green coffee to make people aware of the importance of recycling and the beauty of green nature. I think there will be a plethora of problems during the formation on the contrary i will break through obstacles. Building a business from the ground up can bring you great pride if you are successful.

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