Please somebody respond for my request. I can't find way to improve my spoken English. I tried many ways but many people recomend me to speak with English men but I can't find English speaking friend. Please somebody help me.
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Dear Umesh C. Saxena:

I am interested in your English language tutoring for a young India man who wants to study English in Jaipur. Could you please inform me of your availability and your fees per hour. Are you available for an hour or two during the day several days a week? And if so, how much do you charge per hour.

Could you please send me the website, if there is one, for the Institute of English language.

Thank you very much. Paulette Alden
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I felt the same as Kompang few years ago as English is not my first language. I do still have little trouble with my spoken english. I did what teacher joe has advised here. I had online friends which help me to get familiar with the idioms which is very important in a day to day conversation. My writing also improved in short time. There are plenty of free tools online to help you practice. I took [commercial link deleted]as well as my job schedule doesn't allow me to go to on campus school. Good luck and don't give up!Mary
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Hi, Kompang! My name is Frank McCool. I am a retired public-school Teacher, and an English-language Volunteer-English Teacher/Tutor at the present time.

I am very willing to be of assistance to you and your English-language program in any way that I can.

Therefore, please feel free to e-mail me at any time! Here is my e-mail address: <<Email address removed by Mod. Please register with this site and add the email address to your profile>
AnonymousWatch English Films,Read English Newspaper,Think in English,Dream in English.So u Can improve

Good suggestions.you are quite humorousEmotion: stick out tongue
Hi... This is raja from Chennai... i m working in software company... my request is i want to learn and speak english 'purely'.. so i need ur help.. then i need some more materials.. if u have any conversation like leaders speaches and any audio type materials to improve my english knowledge and all...

I have to say i m in basic level way of speaking level... so i want speak well...

Please Help me......
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Good day! I'm salie from philippines i read about your problem i guess i could help you.i'm willing to teach you online to improve your english speaking.let me help you.i
Hello!I'm Rosalie, I read about your problem, may be you should read lots of english books cause it well help you a lot to recognize to some unfamiliar words.You can also use english dictionary to know the meaning of the word.Try also to communicate in english to enhance your language skills.
hi I would like to improve my english . how can you help me . let me introduse my self .I am salem from jordan
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Hi, Salie

I'm Pooja Goswami. I'm working with Fiserv India Private Limited in Noida in a "Health Insurance Process". My profile is to adjudicate the Medical claims. I'm not much comfortable in speaking english, I just want to improve my fluency in english. So, Please suggest me something in order to make it perfect.
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