Please somebody respond for my request. I can't find way to improve my spoken English. I tried many ways but many people recomend me to speak with English men but I can't find English speaking friend. Please somebody help me.
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Hi. I read this and I would also want to learn English so badly. Please, I wanted to get help too. Thank You!
Good afternoon for everyone,

I was serching the solucion for I speak better my English, I'm From Brazil and I'd like to develop my spoken English. I've tried a lot of metods to learn English, but I still feeling that it lacks something. I think that the biggest problem is where I live, becouse here in Brazil it common the people speak portuguese and spanish better then English, of course, the soulth of continent speaks spanish.

I'm waitting a contact, thanks

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AnonymousHi there,

I'm umesh c.saxena.I have been teaching English (speaking as well as grammar) at all levels University,college.I 'm the Director Institute of English language.Jaipur.

I would be delighted to help you out .Please let me know your details.

Umesh . saxena

will u help me too???

i want to improve my english but just dont know hw~

pls, i'll wait for ur reply

Try this weblog:


It's completely free, and is there to facilitate practice and sharing of opinions about world news videos. It's not a tutoring service, but a lot of teachers are becoming interested in it.

Hope this helps!


DO u help me 2 speak learn eng i m a very proud of u 2learn me eng ok what easy way 2 learn write u ouickly
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Hello Harshashah-- and welcome to English Forums.

The first step is to make an effort to spell your words carefully, like this: Do you help me to speak, learn English.... After you have begun to improved this, we can help you more.
I am in chennai,tamilnadu,India
I want only conversation english not to need grammatical english
dear sir


kindly i informed you that i am very very pleased to read your massage, & i realy speek to you that i want to do something for my carear in future. I am Bengali & i am coming from KOLKATA,.& i am 25 now.My education is not good non gratuate,commerce 1st year.

I am in jaipur in 8th months. I am working in dealer of Ashokleyland, but I want to do more better. So i requeste you I want to learn english to you for my carear.

after meet I say details everything.

please send me details of proces of learn spoken english to you

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