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Bollywood films:

When I was a child I really liked Bollywood films, because I did not have access to Hollywood movies. However, now I don't think Bollywood is a good film industry. I hope you will understand points which I will raise here.

Let's assume Bollywood produces 700 films per annum, I’m sure that only two to four films match up with Hollywood cinema. I'm not trying compare Bollywood with Hollywood, that would be impossible. Comparing Hollywood with Bollywood is really like mocking Hollywood.

There are very few directors in Bollywood who have the ability to represent the real aspects of life in movies. Yes directors like Nagesh Kukunoor (director of Iqbal and Dor) may be called real directors. Such directors know what they are trying to create and every time they make a film they want to teach something to audience. I'm afraid you won't be aware of Nagesh Kukunoor because directors like Karan Johar eclipse creative directors and public allow them to do so.

Bollywood movies almost always have weak story and similar romantic plots. Many of the Bollywood movies made in 1960s and 70s are worth watching because at least they have touch of real life. Additionally, they have good songs, which still echo in many parts of India because those songs have some message in them. Watch Shree 420, Mera Naam Joker, Mirza Ghalib, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, and, Anand, if you don't believe me.

Indians still don't know what really a good movie and film industry is. Have you seen Masti movie which starred that Vivek Oberoi guy? Wasn't that some kind of porno movie? The actors were exhibiting vulgar impressions. Masti is not a single movie (others are Kal Ho Naa Ho, Apna Sapna Money Money, Hum Tum and list goes on) with such kind of content. Almost every Indian movie except some always has such kind of x-rated content. You tell me can you watch those movies with kids? Masti and other movies which I mentioned were huge success and even children liked them so much. You call them movies!

Does Bollywood have any rating system? It doesn't. Sometimes I feel so sick of those directors who make such stupid movies. When Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg, Frank Darabont, Ron Howard, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese, and, Clint Eastwood etc. can make movies without any songs and item numbers, can't Bollywood directors make movies without those stupid songs, half naked girls, and, x-rated dialogues? Movie ratings is an extremely important issue. What shocked me more is the fact that Indians always take their kids with them to watch such movies. After watching those movies audience say you know that movie is so good , it has everything in one package, it has songs, action, nudity, oh Kareena was looking so hot in that sari and blah blah. Do you think this is right?

Yes, some of Hollywood movies also have nudity but they have very strict ratings system and that rating system let you know the suitable audience for that movie. Even when Hollywood movies contain nudity they don't have half-naked girls throughout the movie, I mean there will be a certain scene which you can easily forward if you are watching that movie with kids. Like Terminator:1 has only one explicit scene which I forwarded when my little cousin watched it last week. But can you forward those parts with nude girls in Indian movies which you find throughout the movie?

Indians think that there can be no romantic movie without songs and fancy saris. Just take Casablanca which is one of the most popular romantic movies ever made. Casabalnca is movie which in spite of its simple story make you cry out. One thing more Bollywood is really proud of one thing that it's the only film industry in world which knows how to make romantic movies and how to create a movie for a family. Wow! movie for a family. Don't they know children are also part of family. I think that would not be much insult if I call those movies stupid romantic movies. Yes, they are stupid movies full of vulgarity. If you want to watch romantic movies then watch Hollywood romantic movies which don't have any songs or vulgarity. Does Casablanca have any songs or fancy saris or any nudity?

More than 90% of Bollywood movies are made for teenagers. Don't they have anything else to show besides romance to their teenagers? Don't they know there are also old folks in India who also need some entertainment? Tell me how many movies are made in Bollywood which capture practical aspects of life? What do those girls Kareen Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, and Bipasha Basu do in movies? Do they have anything else besides selling sex? In Hollywood movies females always have important roles to play and those Hollywood girls don't sell sex. Check out Kate Winslet and Helen Hunt as an example. I would like to say that in Bollywood movies they try to degrade female by showing that girls can only dance and wear fancy jewellery. Perhaps Bollywood still does not recognize the real power of feminism.

Have you seen Godfather trilogy (Sarkar by Ram Gopal Verma is remake of Godfather Part-1)? This is movie about mafia but still you will learn very important things from this movie. The script of Godfather is one the best scripts ever penned down. I don't know why people like Shahrukh Khan and others even dare to compare their movies with Hollywood movies? They are nuts! And you people make them nuts. Don't you?! Shahrukh is called king of Bollywood. But what thing makes him a king? I think there is one actor in Bollywood of Hollywood calibre and that is Aamir Khan. Atleast his movies always teach something new. Ghulam, Akele Hum Akele Tum, Sarfrosh, Lagaan and Rang De Basanti are gems of Bollywood. Bollywood still has a very long way to go then probably you can dare to compare with Hollywood. But I can't see this in near future.

Why do we Asians think that Westerns are emotionless creature who don't know what a good and emotional life is? Movies are the reflection of the thinking and intellect of any society. Then their movies tell you what kind of peoples they are. Those movies tell me Westerns are really a civilized nation full of emotions who know how to respect others emotions. Movies like Matrix are always a huge success in India but movies like Shawshank Redemption, Cast Away, David Copperfield, Village, The Secret Garden, A Beautiful Mind etc. are always failures, but in West they are always huge success and always won Oscars. Why? That’s because they have emotions in every scene which can only be understood and interpreted by perfect humans. We Asians don't have that kind of emotions. We Asians want to change the world but why don't we think to change ourselves. Try to learn something from West.

Once again let me tell you that rating system is very important for any film industry. In many of Hollywood movies even kissing scenes make you cry because they do it with a reason not just to excite (don't you know what kind of excitement I'm talking about?) the audience. Indian movies can have anything like vulgar dialogues, more than half-naked ladies etc. But when it comes to kissing scenes then you people say that this movie has so much vulgarity, why? When you can see half-naked girls then why can't you appreciate kissing? Do those kissing scenes offend your kids?

Some months ago I watched Raging Bull which starred Robert De Niro and that movie earned him Oscar as best actor. Yes, this is not a movie for children because rating tells you that. When movie starts you will feel that it's a movie about boxing. Then as movie progresses you will start to feel something emotional. This movie also has some x-rated scenes but they are there for a reason (most of Bollywood flicks have those scenes just for excitement of audience). I bet if you really understand that movie then you will realise that it's a very emotional movie. It tells you that how a man can destroy himself, his career, his everything in spite of being able to win the world. I can give you a huge list of Hollywood movies but my time doesn't permit me to do that. If you are interested in Hollywood movies then you can contact me.

Besides that Bollywood copies a lot of Hollywood movies. Those Butt directors (e.g. Vikram Butt) always copy Hollywood flicks. Even that big shot Sanjay Leela Bansali copies a lot. I never understood what thing makes Karan Johar so special and popular. What has he done? Bollywood is not making good movies at all. Quantity doesn't matter, quality does.

I have learned a lot of good things from Hollywood movies. Movies are greater source of learning, cultural and mental advancement. Many of Hollywood movies give you a chance to explore yourself intellectually. You tell me what have you learnt from Bollywood movies? Today I wish I had good English so that I could a longer post than this.

This is my first post on any of the forums which I have posted as a reply to someone. I would like to dedicate this post to all of my friends and fellows who enabled me to think differently in positive manner and feel things around me like a human. I would like to thank all members of English forums who always help me in my every problem.

All that I know is that I was blind, and now I can see just because of you people.

Here you people stands for all the people who helped me to become a better human being. I pray that I can always have all those beneficial friends around me so I can become even better human.
yeah i totally agree with your point i am also writing an essay comparing bollywood and hollywood...
i really really happy to know abt ur fellings in both holly and bolly wood industry thanx for ur some goog suggestion .............
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if you know a lot then you should make a film!!!