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Why are teachers important for any nation?

Teacher is the person who shapes the future of any human being. Teachers are the people who hold the candle of enlightenment, knowledge, and, prosperity. Any nation who doesn't respect its candle bearers can never prosper and will always remain in darkness. Advancement of society depends upon teachers.

A person without knowledge and intellect is worse than animal. Education makes us humans and enable us to feel the potential of ourselves which we all carry in our minds. All tribute of it goes to teachers who enable every human to discover this potential. Teachers are like bright candles who show us the right path, else everyone will be wandering in the world of darkness. Teachers carry a lot of knowledge and information, and understand the obscure realities of this world. Above all, they have vast experience of life because they are the ones who have crossed the river of hardships and this world is full of hardships and secrets. Teachers are like guides who tell us how to climb the mountain. If we follow them in proper manner, only then we will be able to surmount that mountain one day.

No nation can prosper without education. In today's world every nation understands the importance of teachers. But there are few countries who really do enough to make the life of its teachers easier. What thing makes most of Asians countries to be called third world? If we analyze then we will come to know that in most of Asian countries teaching is not considered a good profession. Teachers have meager incomes, therefore, most of them live in poverty. They are not equipped with latest technology like internet. Youths of today are leaders of tomorrow. If we want to utilize the potential of a flowing river then this river needs a direction to flow, else such river will have no potential in inself to do anything.

These days students are becoming much more dependent upon computers for learning. In a way this is not good because computer can not teach us the practical experience of life. To succeed in life we should not only have knowledge of science, we must also have practical knowledge of life. When students hear something from their teachers they can ask further questions rightaway to clarify themselves. This creates a friendly environment. Machines can never give soothe to our minds. Teachers are intellectual parents. They are also our friends with whom we can discuss any kind of problem. Teachers deserve to be respected and are the most important part of any nation. Teachers are like wheels which enable automobile to move.

These days students do not have very good idea of respect which their teachers deserve. Students think teachers only work for money and are paid to teach them. Then why should they respect them? This thing is a curse to a noble profession of teaching. But every human being needs money in order to survive. Students pay their teacher for the allocation of time,they provide, they can never pay for the knowledge which they provide them. Students can give only one thing in return which is respect and gratefulness. This respect and gratefulness is the only motivation for teachers which make them realize that what a admirable job they are doing to their nation.

Today we have made so many great discoveries like man has landed on moon and mankind has given a new meaning to life and has found many ways to make human lives better. All this is happening because of education. And there can be no education without teachers, therefore, all credit goes to teachers. It is tribute to teachers who are enabling us to discover the vastness and secrets of life.
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