Oh gosh..I have been in internet for a (long) while surffing on grammar sites and I haven't found any useful thing about the topic below..Could an intelectual humble soul give a hand to a hungry of knowledge spirit ?

I would like to know how grammatically these replies are called:

Neither do I, Either do I, So do I, Either Can I, Either should I, Neither would I, me too,...etc. (They are getting me crazy)

COuld you please recommend to me an internet website with a simple and good info on how properly use and form these replies.

(I hope my paragraphs are clear!)

Thank you in advance!!!!!!!!

You could look at these websites:...




(I just googled for "neither do I so do I grammar")
do you know how do we have to call these forms?

tag replies?, echo replies?..

thanks for your help.