Q. Today's teenagers have more stressful lives than previous generations. Discuss this view and give your opinion.

Today's teenagers face more pressure than ever before.I completely agree with this idea ,and will discuss the reason why in this essay.

First of all, teenagers nowadays feel pressure to acquire the same luxurious items their peers possess. Through films and the media, they can see the latest technology, expensive jewelry, clothes, and cars that their peers could have. Teenagers may feel stressed when their inability to acquire these items.

A second major reason that they feel more pressure than the previous one is the appearance of many addictive things in modern life, especially the development of social networks. Nowadays, teenagers tend to spend a lot of time to surfing newsfeeds on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. They can see many great aspects of other people's lives that cause them to be engulfed in comparing themselves to others. This may lead to depression among young people; the phenomenon is very popular today.

In conclusion, the modern-day teenager feels more strain due to pressure. I believe that these pressures were also found in older times, but they have become more powerful and apparent currently.


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