Task 2: Some people think that the best way to motivate and encourage people to work hard is to pay them based on how much they produce and sell. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?


People seem to advocate paying a salary that accounts for the employee’s productivity and ability to sell products as an incentive to promote their labor efficiency. However, I personally disagree with this view, as social development and ethical values cannot be measured by this payment method.

Although salaries based on the ability to produce or sell are likely to increase the yield and limit lazybones, there are various professionals requiring moral qualities, particularly in areas such as pedagogy and service. For example, if a lecturer tries to teach classes as much as possible to earn more money instead of focusing on knowledge or their students, education will soon be ruined. Or if a salesman tends to ignore his customers after some successful contracts to gain another deal, the guests will no longer find his products and services appealing, leading to a decline in the company’s profits.

Furthermore, there is no denying that social progress will be associated with worthy cores such as civilization, specialization, and creativity rather than chasing the boring numbers at work. It is widely known that it will take many years for an innovation or invention that can change the world to appear. When no one wants to pay for the future and only thinks about what they can do now, geniuses and scientists may struggle to survive or conduct their trials or experiments, making them quite their motivation and desire and forget the definition of dedication.

In conclusion, I do not totally support that people should pay for employees related to what they could do. Employers should take care not only of qualities but also promises in the future and the required qualities of each job.

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