There has been significant discourse around the opinion that government is able to implement and supervise scientific research better than private entities. From my perspective, I completely support this conception.
To begin with, the private company has many good points. As we know, each company is in charge of a unique aspect that is different from the others. So, they will create a lot of renovation in science and society. Particularly, Apple boomed the technological revolution through the launch of a smartphone called iPhone. From an ordinary keyboard, this company created a smartphone with an extremely useful touch screen, thereby bringing a new era to the phone industry. In fact, science projects of the private company may co-operate with the corporation or multinational company aiming to expand the scale and the market consumption. This activity will bring back an enormous chance for the area's economic development.
Apart from that, scientific research carried out by the state also has a variety of merits. First, the target of this action is to solve alarming problems in society. In COVID -19 periods, when an epidemic situation appears, the government immediately requires the ministry of health to find out disease-causing factors and produce a vaccine to protect people. Second, the project of the private sector pursues benefit and commercial purposes so it will lead to some unlawful activities. In contrast, when research is implemented by the government, they must guarantee the accuracy, safety, and publicity of the experiment. Moreover, the investigation occurs under the supervision and censorship of qualified persons and head office. Therefore, the results given will obtain everyone's trust.
in conclusion, I am convinced that the ability to control scientific research of the government is more remarkable than a private company.

(It really hard for me, so if something is not good, please comment and i will try to fix it )


I assume you're practising for IELTS. What is your target score, and when are you planning to sit for the exam?

Thank you for responding!! My goal is to get 6.5 on the written test and it will occur at the end of August

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6.5 is not very difficult to achieve, but you have only two months left, which is not a lot of time. I suggest you read my replies in the following threads to learn about essay structure.

The topic above (control of scientific research) is not an easy one. You might want to practise writing essays on simpler topics next time. However for now, and if you want to continue with this topic, you need to first brainstorm and organize your ideas before you start writing the essay. Try

Scientific research should be carried out by the government because:

- official government bodies can ensure standards of safety and ethics are followed.

- some scientific projects have no great commercial value, so only the government can fund them


Scientific research should be carried out by private entities because:

- commercial need drives innovation.

- too much government control can stifle research.


Try to add one more point to each list. Use Google to look for ideas. Post below

My teacher said, “My essay had a contradiction in the introduction and body.” Because in the opening I said “I totally agreed”, but in the body I described the interests of both the private and the government. What do you think about that?

I agree with your teacher, which is why I wrote my post above. You need to start from square one with that essay.

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