Please help me to write an essay of 50 words. The task is:

Write an opinion essay on the following statement: ”Schooling today touches tomorrow”. If you agree with the statement, mention what needs to be done to make the statement a reality in the new school in your country.

Above the task there is a small text:

These days the competition to get a child to a good school is so intense that parents are increasingly using private tutors to help their child survive the education system. Some well-off parents even employ private tutors for their three-years old.
Hot housing becomes a growing trend in British education. It is also a phenomenon of the state system these days. Whereas children used to start formal education at five some now start at four and increasing numbers of state pupils are taking GCSEs before they reach secondary school. Dr. Ryde, a 71-year-old founder believes that the system is the right one. “When a child is young, their brains are like sponges, they absorb everything you give them”, he says. By the time they are in their late teens, their ability to learn has lessened. So why is it wrong to give children who have a passion for learning extra education when they are ready for it? Dr Ryne calls his pupils the OAPs (old age pensioners) of the academic world. He says: “As a plant in a hothouse gets intense heat so children need extra training at a young age”.

Please tell me what you think of this statement. I don't know what to write, because there is a limit of 50 words.

maximax67Please tell me what you think of this statement.

You can write a paragraph of 50 words, but not an essay.

The text is not written by a native English speaker - there are tell-tale errors. It apparently is a promotional for an institution with a rather controversial program.

The statement ”Schooling today touches tomorrow” is very nebulous and ill-defined. So you can just use your imagination.