In recent years, many governments have brought in laws to ban smoking in public places, such as bars, restaurants, and offices. To what extent do you agree or disagree with banning smoking in public places?

It is known that cigarette smoke always be a threatening to our health. That is why in some countries, people are not allowed smoking at public place. Most of people agree this rules because it help to protect human health while other argue that this law is a sign of freedom lacking. Personally, I totally agree with the government.

Firstly, there are many risk people have to face with when inhales the cigarette smoke. That include the potential of stroke, respiratory diseases and cancer which is a leading cause of early dead. It is all because of the nicotine inside cigarette and scientist have proven that the people surrounding smoker will suffer more than the smoker himself.

Not only on the purpose of the safety of public health but also for the benefit of children. We all know that kid are vulnerable, easily to copy adult act. For instance, a family with no-cigarette adult result in their kid less likely to smoke. So if we prevent smoking at public place, there will be a slight chance for children to see and begin to smoke.

For any beliefs that ban smoking is contrast to freedom, I think it should be re-considered. The one who smokes may feel free but in the position of another people, they do not. Why people have to take a risk of cancer or any kind of serious diseases like stroke.

In conclusion, since cigarette is non benefit that harm to everyone, it should better be stamped out, otherwise the life expectancy of human in the future will decline.

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