In companies promotions to high positions should be given to employees inside the company and not to someone from outside or new hiring. Do you agree or disagree

These days, companies have various types of reporting structures and have the option of choosing the working model which suits the best with their nature of work. However, every working model requires human resources with respect to different working capabilities. It is vastly debatable that key positions should be given to existing and experienced employees rather than fresh and hiring’s done from outside. I disagree with the former and in my opinion, hiring should be done on the basis of skill set and compliance with job requirements, instead of the amount of time spent in an organization.

First and foremost point to consider is that top positions require capabilities rather than experience only. In other words, learned resource will perform better than newly promoted experienced resource with less or incapable skill set. For Instance, numerous experts believe that capable resources are proficient and are able to motivate their team with the help of their leadership skills. Thus, it is totally justified to consider employees for key position having less or no experience in a particular company.

Additionally, such top positions require strong managing qualities such as team supervision and external stakeholder management. In order to excel in these divisions, complete understanding of domain and is vital. For Instance, New resources when given the authority will try to introduce and explore for new, and possibly effective way of performing tasks. In this way, company could experience financial or process oriented benefits, leading to a better and improved vision.

In conclusion, promotions and rewards reflects quality in performance indicators and shouldn’t only be gauged by the time spent at a particular role but compliance with capabilities required to perform higher or future position