To :Carmen Gonzalez,General manager,worldspeak spain
FROM:Malcom Johnson,VP,Newyork
RE:Selection of HR Director

As you know, we need to choose potential candidates for the position of Human Resource Director at the WorldSpeak Spain office. Because you have many contacts in the local business community, I would like you to be the one responsible for recruiting. As you are looking for possible personnel to interview and hire, please feel free to spend the money you need for local job advertisements in the industry newspapers or magazines.

Do you think it would be a smart move to post the job position on the Internet? Here in New York, we have found this to be a productive and fast way to recruit talented people. It is especially convenient to receive and read resumes using the Internet. I don't know whether or not this would work in Spain.

Finally, remember that we really want to hire someone who has excellent English-language skills. The Human Resource Director you hire will need to communicate and work with headquarters daily, so the ability to speak English well and to write various letters and reports is very important.

Good luck with the job search. I will contact you within the week.

Which reason below is NOT suggested by Mr. Johnson as a good reason to use the Internet?
(A) Using the Internet works well in Spain.
(B) In New York, using the internet worked well.
(C) It is a fast way to recruit new employees.
(D) It is a convenient way to receive resumes.

Ans (A) Using the Internet works well in Spain.

Why does Mr. Johnson want a Human Resource Director with excellent English skills?
(A) The director will be working in New York.
(B) The director will communicate often with people in New York.
(C) The director will need to write reports to Ms. Gonzalez.
(D) The director will be visiting headquarters daily.

Ans (C) The director will need to write reports to Ms. Gonzalez.
Your second answer is wrong. Please try again.
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The answer for the second is B. If it is wrong please tell me which is the correct answer.

Thank you in advance.
The answer for the second is B.