Employee Relations Committee Meeting Summary
by Chris Gonzalez, Director, Human Resources

I am writing this summary of the Employee Relations Committee meeting that was held on Thursday, May 27. The union representatives for the six area offices and the company managers from those same regions were present at the meeting. All attendees received a copy of the agenda before the meeting.

The meeting went well, and all agenda items were covered. We discussed the employees' concerns at length. Here is a list of the issues and the points of consensus that we reached. These are the ideas the committee would like to put forward:

Employees with children are paying a higher percentage of healthcare costs. Management agrees to offer subsidized day-care options for employees with young children to help balance the increased cost of healthcare.
Employees know that no merit raises are possible at this time. Management agrees to a 3% cost-of-living increase across the board.
Management agrees to work with employees to develop more schedule options including the 40-hour, 4-day work week. Job sharing might also be possible if two employees can work out a weekly schedule between them.

As the Director of Human Resources, my goal is to promote understanding and fair decisions. I am happy with these suggestions. All present at the meeting worked hard to compromise, and the discussions were constructive. I am optimistic about the future of our company and am hopeful about relations between employees and management.

I will prepare the formal minutes of the meeting next week. After you read them, please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am always happy to talk with you.

The person who wrote this report ________.
(A) is very worried about the company's future
(B) thinks that the union is being unreasonable
(C) represents one of the six regional offices
(D) is pleased with the outcome of the meeting

ans (D) is pleased with the outcome of the meeting

In the report above, the word minutes means ________.
(A) a unit of time (60 seconds)
(B) a written record of a meeting
(C) time passing in a meeting
(D) a written agenda for a meeting

ans (D) a written agenda for a meeting
ans (D) is pleased with the outcome of the meeting -- OK
ans (D) a written agenda for a meeting-- NO. Please try again.
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ans (B) a written record of a meeting