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I spent an amount of time analysing the topic because somehow I personally found it pretty ambiguous. I'm not sure whether I should focus on the living of people as a whole, or stick to the phrase "have to speak a foreign language" and consider it as the main problem that entails a series of other problems regarding social and practical ones. And finally, I ventured a guess, started writing with the concentration on the latter. Hope my essay won't be too off-topic, or can not be understood.😅


This is the topic:

Living in a country where you have to speak a foreign language can cause serious social problems, as well as practical problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?


And here is my essay:

Owning to the difference in languages, people who reside in a foreign country may suffer from problems regarding social and practical aspects. Personally, I somewhat dissent with this.

First, despite being able to communicate verbally in the language of where people immigrated to is greatly encouraged, unfluent speaking will only take them a little longer to deal with daily-life situations, not to the detriment of socialization. Second, given that people lack knowledge of the language they are supposed to speak, they can utilize pointing gestures of the body language to express their either wants or needs. For instance, it is common for immigrants to point at the dish’s name or picture on the menu for food ordering. Finally, hiring interpreters and translators may reduce the pressure of expressing ideas in important events.

Moreover, there are numerous online and offline courses for learning languages from any level, some of which might even cost-free. Therefore, the immigrants can gradually overcome the fear of speaking a language that is not their mother tongue by registering for these classes. They will also have more opportunities to build up friendships with classmates and extend their social circles. Besides, many language-learning apps are available free of charge and can be installed within seconds now; thus, people with tight budgets might no longer struggle with linguistic fear. What’s more, frequent exposure to the native environment can enhance the learning of the language. Eventually, the language barrier can not prevent immigrants from enjoying their lives to the fullest in the country they choose to settle.

In conclusion, even though a person can contend with some adaptation difficulties, the settlement in another country may not change their life considerably.


Thank you for spending time to correct the essay. Thank you very much 😀😃😃

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