Some people believe that it is best accept a bad situation, such as an unsatisfactory job or shortage of money. Other argue that it is better to try and improve such situations.

Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

Either embracing extreme situations like discontented jobs or striving for a better one is a dilemma to many people. While some argue that acceptance is considered the optimum approach, others believe that looking for solutions to make unpleasant circumstances better. Personally, I am totally inclined towards the latter perception.

To advocates, encountering difficulties is inevitable in life and accepting them fosters constructive emotions in people. Psychologically, this creates a sense of security as nothing can be changed and things will automatically getting better themselves which certainly raise their level of happiness. To illustrate this, students who are not eligible for being admitted into prestigious universities due to their examination results will have no other option but to proceed their education in normal ones. However, most of them still graduate, attain their Bachelor and satisfactory jobs just like their peers from better institutions.

Although to certain people, taking endeavors to improve unfavorable circumstances, ironically, exacerbates them and apparently results in stress and disappointment, it is commonly argued by a majority of people to provide a more successful life compared to just sitting there anticipating a miracle to happen. The primary reason, indeed, is claimed by many people that striving for a better situation potentially leads people to achieving many unprecedented goals. This provides great success and eventually opens the door to a desirable life. For instance, the widely known and favoured actor Rowan Aktinson who was in the past consistently rejected by many film companies due to his stammering problem. Instead of giving up, he decided to fight back his difficulty by making the show of his own, Mr Bean, which is now one of the most popular series to many people.

In conclusion, despite how safe it is to embrace difficult situations, finding methods to overcome them is mostly believed to get people to the door of success and contented life. Thus, to me, if a person desires for a better life, he should try to fight back the obstacles along the way.

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