I can't understand the following sentances, pls explain me.

Doctors say it usually begins with incidents of extreme anger directed at family members. They say the problem is made worse for some by stress from bad drivers, long travel times, crowded roads and busy lives.
It appears, that the doctors are explaining the possible causes or a disorder. This disorder is usually started when an individual gets extremly angry with thier immidiate family members and is made worse in times of extreme stress. Examples of stressful times include, but not limited to bad drivers, crowded roads and long travel times, and one's busy life.

Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot Akki, but one thing I'm not clear. What do you mean but not limited to. pls reply me.
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It means that there can be plenty of other reasons that can create stress. By saying "not limited to", you are basically letting the readerss know, that these are just some of the examples that can create stress...but the reasons are not limited to these examples. Does this answer your question?
Oh I see.... I see... Thank you so much Akki.

I would like to be friend with you. Hey, can you tell me the meanings of Akki. I'm interested your name.

Can you give me your e-mail address?
Akki is derived from my real name, Akshat! Its East Indian...
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Hello Akshat, it's nice name. But I prefer to call you as Akki. Are you from India?

Hey can you give me some advice? I would like to improve my English. You can see my English is so poor. What should I do???? pls.
I would read articles/books/newspapers ect... and listen to coversations of others. Every time you hear a new word, you should look it up in the dictionary. Then you should try to use it in your everday conversation...it should definitely help! Also you should read articles posted at CNN.com or something. You'll be aware of the current events, and learn a few new words everytime...
Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I will try it. Now I'm reading the topic in VOA Special English. Do you have other website to visit to imporve english? If you have, please give me. So sorry for my late reply due to long connection failure.
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