Hi guys,
I just finished my another english exercise, I translated first episode of the new season of Without a Trace. Piece of cake, except of one thing...Context: Jack, is having a session with therapist. He's supposed to visit him, 'cause of his violation of the FBI laws.

Therapist: I'm just wondering if the job will be enough. Or is it the power to behave as you want that's the juice for you?

Jack: It's about finding people.

Therapist: Maybe. I believe sometimes the universe gives us advice. You know,
at first it's just a whisper. If we ignore it, it becomes a shout. If we ignore it still, it becomes a shove.

Jack(he's probably joking...): And, if we really ignore it, it takes away our parking space.

Therapist: Jack, this is just an opportunity to examine why you do the things you do.

Guys, please, what did Jack mean by "And, if we really ignore it, it takes away our parking space". I'm pretty sure that it was meant as a joke. But I don't get it...:-(. They were just sitting in the chairs and talking, so it was without context...
many many thanks in advance..
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I think taking away someone's parking space refers to doing something that really annoys the other person, i.e. parking your car in a parking space just before someone else was about to park their car there. 
Thanks Annvan!