The following questions are from my test. Can anyone explain to me why the answers to number 1and number 2 are B not A. also, the answer to number 3 is B, but isn’t the correct answer should be “was bitten” instead of “was bit”? Thank you.

1. We are going on a trip ___ October 18 ____ 21.

(A) between; and (B)from; to

2. Tell me ____.

(A) what the matter is (B)what’s wrong

3. The girl ___ by the dong before, and now she is much afraid of dogs.

(A)bit (B)was bit (C)bites (D)is bitten

It seems to me too that both A and B will work for #1 and #2.

As for #3, there are two acceptable past participles for the verb bite-- bit and bitten.