Dear friends,
I am able to speak fairly good enough one day,but on another day i stumble a lot,again i pick up my flow and fluency,then again i falter.Why do i have this irregular learning curve or in other words not-permanent spoken English skill.Yesterday,when i was with my brother travelling i met one of his friends who is quite fluent in English language.I spoke to him in a way which really,positively surprised me.But,today morning,just before a while i talked to my Internet Broadband customer care executive.You know what,i really really stumbled a lot,to my shame(not just a little contrast but an extreme one as if i have started learning English just before an hour!) .This kind of inconsistency has been with me as long as my memory goes(is this phrase correct,BTW).I am atleast O.k. while i write because i get more time to bring out perfect word and sentence formation than when i speak(Atleast that is what i think would be the reason).Please help me in this regard.
Inconsistencies of this kind are extremely common and nothing to worry about. Sometimes it's just a matter of how much sleep you've gotten recently, how much stress is in your life on a given day, who you are talking to, or even what you ate for lunch! Just be patient. And don't beat yourself up about it; that just makes things worse. Try to relax! Emotion: smile

Thank you CalifJim.You are absolutely right when you guessed that i lack sleep.For the past one year i have been suffering from Insomnia.