First of all, there will be a lot of change in our life. At the time 100 years later, every fields will have improved to a very high and advanced levels. Therefore, modern kinds of machinery like robots or automatic and wireless equipments will appear in our daily life more commonly. In each family they will own their robots, which will help them a lot of things like housework, looking after the elderly or babies, etc. Every students and pupils like me will go to school by their private jet pack. Everybody will be in traffic with a "sky-transportation system". In that system there will be skycycling tube, sky train, sky bus, etc and a sky safety system instead of the traffic police and road signs or traffic lights. Additionally, I think and expect that the world will be much greener. There will be garbage storing system. Since there will be the sky-transportation, there will be more land for population and for planting trees. Here and there, everywhere will be very green with many kinds of trees and plants. Science and technology will still develop. They will discover more about the ocean and the universe. The scientific achievements will bring us to travel and visit the deep sea or others planets.

In spite of many changes, there will be something that will not change. People will still keep their tradition and culture. Our traditional clothing and historical place will be protected and developed. Future people will teach and tell to their children about us, who had contributed a lot for that future.

Overall, I believe that our future in 100 years from now will be desirable and worth living. Otherwise, there are some hypotheses were given that: because of human's activities of destroying the nature, human will perish in the future. So I hope that right now we will have more practical acts to protect and improve the environment and nature in order to have a better future, which we have imagined and expected.



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