In your opinion, what makes an active learner?

What have you found most useful in the Active learning strategies sections?

The active learning style has become more popular recently. Numerous research studies have shown that active learning instructional strategies are twice more effective at providing an understanding of subject matter than traditional learning. Besides, actives learner often gains more knowledge than passive ones but what makes an active learner? I think there are 4 things or steps that make us move toward becoming a more active learner

Firstly, we should prepare work before attending the class by reading or taking note of the part we don't understand and try to find the answer with the help of Google or ask our friends, teachers later. Make sure we also prepare for discussion or presentation in any session we have. Especially, we must take an exam after finishing the course so listen attentively to our lectures to find out what they recommend us to study. Look at what was emphasized in the course – it may have in our example as well.

Secondly, when attending a class in university, because there is a huge difference from studying at high school, we shouldn't just sit back and wait for the knowledge will be given to us. Instead of this, muster our courage, raise our hands and ask the teachers to find out the most suitable answer. Don't be afraid that making a question will make us look silly in front of the class. Chances, we are not the only one in class who's a bit confused.

Thirdly, we should study actively by taking notes when we're reading something that seems important or when we're listening to a lecture. By doing this, we have to be listening and engaged with what is being said. Additionally, we can use the repetition technique to make sure we remember all the things we wrote. And don't forget that we should put the knowledge into practice in every aspect of our lives or link that knowledge to that one we already learned.

The last thing that I find the most crucial in the process of becoming an active learner is that we must enjoy the experience of learning something new. The reason for it is very simple. If we are not interested in what we are going to learn, it seems quite hard for us to absorb all the things we have to learn and use them for our future works.

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