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My God you´re great Abbie !!! Thanks a trillion.
I´d like to know if I can change this sentence: 1-My uncle took me and some friends to this race in Brasilia where I was on vacation, for this sentence: 2-My uncle took my friends and I.....
Is number 2 more formal ? Is the grammar in number 2 better?
Hi Jose,
My uncle took me and some friends

This is definitely the grammatical thing to say.

"I" is the pronoun we use as the subject of a sentence:

- "I went to the race"

"Me" is used as the object of the sentence - "My uncle (subject) took me (object) to the race."
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When I said I was in third place next to the second I meant that although I was in third place, there was not a long distance between my cart and the cart which was second. Let´s say about 2metres in distance. How would I say this in English?
"I was in third place, catching up on the car in front" or "very close to the car in front"

"I was moving from third place to second place ..."