The diagrams illustrate 3 different types of bridges.


The picture illustrates three categories of bridges, which are arch bridge, concrete girder bridge and suspension bridge.

Overall, the design of three types of bridge differs in terms of their height and piers usage. Especially, each type is suitable for specific locations, such as lakes, rivers and seas.

Firstly, the shortest type, arch bridges are constructed in lakes with the longest span of 200 meters. In addition, with no more than 100 meter of height, only small ships can sail under them. In contrast, concrete girder bridges are built in wide rivers, with the maximum distance between two piers is 200 meters. Interestingly, there is unlimited length of a girder bridge because it depends on the number of piers. However, these bridges are required to no more than 300 meters in height, and appropriate for medium-size ships to pass under them.

Finally, being constructed at sea, suspension bridges enable large ships to sail under them, because of the deep water which they span. The piers can be spaced between 400 and 2000 meters apart –longer than 10 times as the distance between piers of the concrete girder bridge or the arches of the arch bridge.

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