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The line graph plots the percentage of people in four age groups, children 7-14, adolescents, 15-24, young adults 25-35 and adults over 35, who went to the movies once a month or more between 1984 and 2000.

Overall, the percentages increased in all age groups over this 16-year period, with the adolescents showing the greatest difference, and the adults the least.

In 1984, the age group with the highest percentage (16%) was the adolescents, followed by the children, young adults and finally the adults at only about 1%. This relative order persisted through the period, although there were very short intervals where the young adults surpassed the children. In the final year, a majority of the adolescents (52%) were going to the cinema at least once a month. Three in ten of the children did, three times as many as in 1984. For the young adults, the percentages were three in ten in 2003 compared to less than one in twenty in 1984, which amounts to a factor of six increase. The adult group went up twelvefold, from 1% to about 12%.

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