TOPIC: The monthly price of exported rice from Thai Land and Viet Nam from 2012 to 2015 (Million dollars per tons)

The line graph compares the monthly price of rice from two exporters, namely Thailand and Vietnam over 4 years beginning in 2012. Units are measured in million dollars per tons.

Overall, Thailand exported rice at higher prices than that of Vietnam over the whole period. Additionally, price variations from both countries were the most noticeable in 2015 and reductions were evident in 2013.

In detail, the price of rice originated from Thailand showed an upward trajectory in 2012, from just over 500 to 550 million dollars per tons, despite hitting a trough of roughly 440 million dollars in May. A substantial fall in price was occurred in 2013, ending the year at 400 million compared to 550 million dollars in January. From 2014 to 2015, per ton of price was sold abroad with a price of 450 million dollars on average, regardless of a negligible rise between October and December.

Vietnam’s monthly price of exported rice shared a similar pattern with that of Thailand in 2012, but nearly 100 million dollars lower. In the first half of 2013, other countries imported rice from Vietnam with a price of about 370 million dollars, which dropped by about 20 million for the rest of the year. That of 2014 hovered around 330 million dollars per ton. There was a price increase between March and June in 2015, from 300 to approximately 370 million dollars, followed by 3 months of stability and then a marked decrease to approximately 330 million dollars in the last month.

When you consider a Task 1 practice essay, ask yourself - Does this represent the real world? It is mathematically sensible? Or is it utter nonsense? If it goes against all reason in the real world, do not use it. And do not trust the source, either. The people who created this are not good at English or math or economics.

Let me ask you - how much do you pay in the market for a kg of plain regular rice?

I wonder if the units should be measured in dollars instead of million dollars. Anyway, can you please review the essay above for me, thanks!

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If the price is $500 million per ton, then 1 kg of rice would be a half million dollars.

If it is $500 per ton, then 1 kg of rice would be half a dollar. That is bulk, wholesale. Retail always is higher.

The title is wrong - Thailand is the correct country name.

The units are indicated incorrectly - it must be "per ton", not "per tons"

I have never seen IELTS line graphs with multiple years (January-December) overlaid on one graph. It is far too complicated to write a reasonable essay in 20 minutes. Besides, the data points from December of one year do not consistently match up with January of the next year.

Here are the actual Thailand rice prices.